When I participated in my first fantasy football auction many years ago, I took a simplistic approach to budgeting my money.

I used a simple formula to calculate how much money I could spend on each player on average. We started with a $200 budget and had 18 roster spots to fill, which meant I could spend about $11 per player. Makes sense, right?

Wrong. While having good depth is an important quality in a fantasy football roster, it doesn’t do your team any good to have all average players without any kind of star power.

Instead, allocate more money to your starters and less to your bench. Let’s use a 60%-40% breakdown of starters-to-reserves, but you can get more or less aggressive with that formula based on your risk tolerance.

So, using the previous budget and roster limit, I could spend $15 per starter (if starting eight players) and $8 per reserve.

The caveat to that formula is that nobody is going to spend $15 on a kicker or defense, so you’ll be able to allocate even more money to your other starters.

It’s all about playing with the numbers until you find a good balance that allows you to spend more aggressively on your starting quarterback, running backs, wide receivers, and tight end, while maintaining a decent budget for your reserves.