They call it a case of the runs … and no, that doesn’t mean sprinting for the bathroom after consuming too much bean dip and buffalo wings at the draft.

A run, in fantasy football parlance, is when several players from one position are taken in rapid succession. This usually happens when owners increasingly panic because too many players from one position are being taken and they want to select one before too many good ones are gone.

The problem with runs is that they cause owners to reach on certain players out of some crazed desire to fill a position of need.

If you find yourself on the clock and you feel like you need to draft a quarterback because four of the last six picks were all quarterbacks, stop yourself. For starters, if you did draft a quarterback at that point, he’d likely be worse than the previous four quarterbacks, so what does that accomplish? Instead, go after another position that has better strength and value and you can hold an advantage over those teams that selected a quarterback.

Don’t reach for an inferior player out of a desire to fill a need. Always look for best value.