Fantasy football is a game, sure. But you have to have a business approach to it. You cannot afford to fall in love with certain players, because there are many problems that come from that kind of devotion.

First, if you personally covet a player, you are more likely to overdraft or “reach” on selecting him. That’s just bad for the overall value of your team.

Second, falling in love with certain players might cause you to fail to have a contingency plan in place. You might assume that you’re going “all in” on that player and not bother to fill up you queue with backup options.

Third, when a player that you feel like you “just gotta have” is snatched right before your pick, it throws you off your game. Suddenly you feel more panicked and the extra pressure could lead to your reaching for a bad player.

Finally, to fall in love with a player at a particular position might mean it alters your strategy at another position. If you assume your running back is going to be set with that selection in the fourth round, you might have wasted the opportunity to select a better running back in the first three rounds while loading up on receivers instead.

Always stay flexible and businesslike in your approach.