Most fantasy football veterans will tell you that attention spans tend to wane as the draft proceeds.

You show up at your league’s draft with the excitement of a child on Christmas morning. You’re full of energy, ready to pound the beers and draft yourself a championship team. The first few rounds are all abuzz as some of the best players in the league are taken, perhaps leaving some owners with broken hearts and others downright angry.

Then something happens. Minutes turn to hours, the chicken wings and pizza have all but disappeared, and the beer is starting to give everybody a buzz. Some owners are getting cranky because others are taking far too long to make their picks.

This is the danger zone where your seemingly good draft class can go in one of two directions. If you submit to the fatigue of a long draft, you could find yourself making poor draft selections and watch your team’s depth fall apart. But if you concentrate and ignore the distractions going on around you, you have the opportunity to find some real sleepers and steals that will propel your team to a championship.