Nobody likes to be rushed on draft day.

I’m sure if you’re reading this tip and you’ve played in a fantasy football league before, you’ve experienced the pressure of being on the clock, flipping frantically through your reference material and scanning your cheat sheet, feeling angst about which player to select.

Meanwhile, in the background, you have an owner or two chiding you: “C’mon! We don’t have all day.”

What kind of fun is that pressure?

There has to be a limit, of course. This isn’t the NFL draft. You don’t need 10 minutes per pick. But you also shouldn’t have fellow owners breathing down your neck, harassing you because they have a 1:00 tee time.

Make sure all the owners in your league clear their entire calendar on the day of your draft. Nobody should have anywhere else they need to be, thus, shouldn’t be in any hurry to leave. There shouldn’t be any golf outings scheduled. Nobody should have a hot date they have to prepare for. Nobody should have their child’s birthday party with Spanky the Clown later in the afternoon.

One event. However long it takes. Only loosely regulated on time per pick. Don’t rush the best day of the fantasy football calendar year.