This is a tip specifically for you fantasy football commissioners out there. I’m sure every one of you have a story or two — or ten — about how you had to chase down owners for their entry fees because they didn’t pay you at the beginning of the season.

I’m sure some of you have even been stiffed before by an owner who just never paid and then faded away into obscurity.

You shouldn’t have to run your league like that. Why do you want the hassle of badgering owners every other day? You’re not a collections company.

Set a rule in stone in the weeks before your league’s draft day and make sure all the owners understand it: Thou shalt not be entitled to draft until thou’s money has been paid.

If an owner shows up to the draft without his money, send him right back out the door to the ATM. If the owner claims he just doesn’t have the money right now and will have to pay you back, that owner probably shouldn’t even be playing fantasy football.

Alternatively, you can also set a rule — with the owners’ approval — that you automatically get a loss every week that you haven’t paid your entry fee.