God created men and children differently. Their brains and intellect are vastly different. Their maturity levels are different.

They should play in different fantasy leagues.

I understand one’s desire to participate in activities with their children. I’m a father, I know I want to share things with my son. Bonding with your children is more important than a game.

But in regards to running a successful fantasy football league, intermixing children with adults just doesn’t run well. Do they have enough money for the entry fee? Do they understand the intricacies of the rulebook? Do they have attention spans long enough not to get bored during the draft and want to run outside and play in the yard before the draft is half-over? Do they understand the complexities of a trade to avoid getting ripped off by adult owners? And worst of all: can other owners trust that the father of those children playing isn’t actually doing all the legwork for his son(s)?

There are just too many red flags and question marks.