Fantasy football draft day is the single biggest day of your league’s calendar year. It is absolutely the most fun you’ll have all season — short of winning $1 million for winning your league’s Super Bowl.

Why would you deny yourself the pleasure of the live draft experience? You’d rather sit in front of a computer, lining up players in your draft queue, and spitting out picks every 90 seconds? How impersonal is that?

I understand that people are busy. I get it. Our time is our most valuable asset. I also understand that some owners don’t want to spend six hours in a cramped, smelly room with guys who have had too much beer and chicken wings.

But if you’re too busy to spend a few hours hanging out, having a good time and drafting a championship football team … then what are you playing for, anyway?

Get everybody together one day a year, announce your picks to the room and enjoy the reactions and live drama that accompany the experience.