Imagine that you have some injuries on your roster and the waiver wire is running dry. Your next logical option is to check other owners’ rosters to see if you can swing a deal with them. You happen to find a team that has a couple players you think would fit perfectly onto your roster and the trade would make good sense for both teams.

Perfect. All you need to do is get ahold of that owner and send him your proposal.

Oops. You either can’t find his contact info, don’t have a good rapport with him, or you send him an email that sits in his inbox until February because he doesn’t check his email or even remember his password.

I’ve played in fantasy leagues — as recently as 2015 — where I’ve tried to find ways to improve my roster but have been limited to about four or five potential trading partners. I was limited not because I couldn’t find any players I wanted on other rosters, but because I couldn’t get ahold of those owners.

This is the digital age. Every owner should have an email address and should check his inbox daily just as he would his snail mail box.

Don’t let owners play in your league if they can’t promise to make that simple gesture happen.