One of the most frustrating situations at a fantasy football draft is when an owner tries to draft a player who has already been taken.

There is only one reason for why this happens: said owner failed to cross that player’s name off the list because he wasn’t paying attention and was distracted by something else.

Or he was in the crapper.

This situation can be eliminated — and the draft can actually be sped up — by removing distractions from your war room.

We had an owner who went on a smoke break after nearly every one of his picks, forcing us to halt the draft when he returned so he could catch up on the players that had been drafted in his absence.

Another owner was too busy watching a baseball game on TV to pay attention to which players were being selected.

We even had one owner — let’s call him John — who got bored halfway through the draft and went to play ping pong in the far corner of the room. When it came time to make his pick, he shouted out a player’s name.

“He’s taken, John.”

So, he shouted out another name.

“We’re in Round 9, John. That player was taken six rounds ago.”

How about so-and-so, John asked, not breaking concentration on the ping pong game.

“He’s already on your team, John. You drafted him three rounds ago.”

I kid you not. This charade went on for a while until we stole his paddle and ball.

Any owner who complains about a draft taking too long and yet is distracted by other things and tries to pick somebody who was already selected … he needs to be slapped upside the head.