I’m not against the idea of sportsmanship and caring at your fantasy football draft. Sharing is caring, after all — if you pardon the Hallmark moment there.

What I’m against is the effect that sharing cheat sheets and draft guides has on the length of time the draft takes. Every owner should have his own material so that he can study in between his draft picks.

When you share cheat sheets and draft guides, this is how it usually goes:

Owner A is on the clock and is using the material to figure out whom he wants to pick. Owner B is on the clock four slots later, but instead of studying and figuring out which player he wants, he’s making fart jokes and checking out memes on his Facebook timeline.

When Owner B finally gets the materials in his hand, he’s unprepared for his pick, has no idea which players were just drafted, and is completely discombobulated.

If you have owners who can’t dish out $5 for a draft guide — or can’t take the time to print out a cheat sheet from the internet before the draft — they probably shouldn’t be playing fantasy football.