A smart fantasy football owner does his due diligence on a weekly — if not daily — basis. You need to treat your roster — your assets — as if your players were stocks in your portfolio. You should always gauge the value of your players every week.

What’s the best way to learn their value? Well, you could look up online how your players project over the remaining games of the season. While this is a good idea, it doesn’t give you the true value of your players in relation to your league.

An asset is only as valuable as the market dictates.

If every owner in your league thinks Tom Brady sucks, then Tom Brady sucks, and his value on your team is like dog crap on the bottom of a sneaker.

So, instead of just looking up projections online, you should reach out to your fellow owners and ask them how they feel about particular players. Ask them if they’re looking to unload any of their players. Ask them if there are players on other teams in the league that they would be interested in acquiring.

You don’t have to actually propose a trade or make a trade every week. But you should keep the lines of communication open and gather as much information as possible.