In fantasy football, as in the stock market, it’s important to buy low and sell high. Likewise in the stock market, your assets have the tendency to fluctuate up and down.

Throughout your fantasy season, it’s important that you evaluate your assets — your players — and see where they’ve been, where they’re going, and where their value is at that moment in time.

If one of your players has a huge week that likely won’t be duplicated, that is probably the best time to trade him because his value couldn’t be any higher.

On the flipside, if one of your players seems to be in a slump, he’s not going to have much value on the trade market so you need to ride out the storm.

The best way to gain extra value to your team is to seek out players on other owners’ teams who might be going through a slump but might have easy schedules the rest of the way. That player’s owner might be willing to part his asset out of a sense of desperation. You can get him at low cost and reap the benefits later.