What’s this obsession American sports fans have with blowing things up?

I listen to a lot of sports talk radio — admittedly too much — and after a team has a lousy season, what’s the first thing that angry callers propose?

“Duh, I think we need to blow ‘dis thing up and start from scratch.”

What good does that do you? You’re going to get rid of all assets you have so that you can have more work cut out for you to get back to where you already are? And then have to do the extra work to get better?

You don’t get from Point B to Point C by first going back to Point A. I don’t believe in this idea of taking one step backward in order to take two steps forward. The act of “taking a step backward”, in reality, is taking a step forward. You’re always moving forward.

Whoa. That’s some deep philosophical discussion for a fantasy football article, I know.

If you come out of the starting gates of your fantasy football season like a tortoise instead of a hare, don’t panic and make irrational decisions. Systematically find players on the waiver wire to pick up. Do your best salesman approach with other owners in finding a way to make a smart, strategic trade rather than a desperate unloading of your first-round pick.