A waiver wire system is a wonderful way to improve your fantasy football roster, but you shouldn’t use it just for the sake of doing something.

If you are in a continuous rolling waiver wire priority list — meaning every time a team picks up a player on the waiver wire, they’re moved to the end of the list and every other team moves up — it would behoove you to hold off on making petty claims and work your way to the top of the list.

The strategy behind this is simple: every year, something happens that shakes up the fantasy football landscape.

Sometimes it’s a breakout player who comes from nowhere. Other times it’s an injury to a key player that opens the door for his backup. Whatever the case may be, the owner who has first priority at that player will reap the benefits.

Why not let that owner be you? Only hit the waiver wire if you see a chance to make significant improvements. A bigger fish may be circling the waters just below the surface.