I was a former kicker for seven years. And even though a 39-yard field goal was worth the same three points as a 20-yard chip shot was, the 39-yarder was considerably tougher.

Standard fantasy football leagues award 3 points for field goals 39 yards and shorter. They give 4 points for 40-49-yard field goals and 5 points for 50-plus-yarders.

Shouldn’t a 39-yard field goal be worth more fantasy points than a 20-yarder? Shouldn’t a 49-yard field goal be worth more than a 40-yarder? That nine yards is a significant difference.

Likewise, why does a receiver who catches a 10-yard pass get the same one point as the receiver who catches a 19-yard pass? And for that matter, why does that 19-yard pass get a full point less than the receiver who catches one for 20 yards?

The simple solution to this is to award fractional points for yards. Instead of requiring a full 10 yards per point, just award 0.1 points per yard. That way, those players whose yardage total ends with a ‘9’ aren’t screwed out of the points they deserve.