Arm yourself with wisdom and a game plan as you enter the upcoming season with a fantasy football draft strategy and auction strategy. Know when to select certain players and positions and don’t be caught falling into the stereotypes that fantasy owners are guilty of that will make you just an average general manager with an average team.

Fantasy Football, like a lot of aspects of life, requires you to enter with a plan. Sometimes your plan works, sometimes it fails miserably. But if you enter a season with no plan and the attitude that you’re “just gonna wing it”, you’re almost doomed to failure.

The following two strategies are designed to help you thrive in your league’s fantasy football draft or auction.

Fantasy Football Draft Strategy

If you want to win at fantasy football, you have to minimize luck and maximize creativity, and that all starts with your draft strategy.

Fantasy Football Auction Strategy

If you’ve already read my fantasy football draft strategy, you’ll know the importance I put in having strength in numbers. It’s no dif[…]