Founded in 2006, has sought to provide fantasy owners all the tools, advice, and information they need to succeed in their fantasy football leagues.

What do fantasy owners get when they come to this site? Let’s address that in the Who, What, Where, When, and Why of


Although I’ve been operating this site for a little more than a decade, I’ve been playing fantasy football for nearly a quarter-century. Beginning with my 1994 Super Bowl runner-up team led by Randall Cunningham and Marcus Allen, I’ve been addicted to the game that has fast become a national phenomenon. I’ve got a proven track record of successful seasons and my fantasy football trophy case has a few prizes aligned on its shelves.


At, you can expect to receive useful tools, helpful advice, and timely information to give you a leg up in your fantasy football leagues. And all of it is FREE. You can do with your money whatever you please, but why pay for a fantasy site when you can get all this great info for free?


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Football has become a year-round professional sport and there’s no reason you can’t model your fantasy team after that. The good news is that you don’t need to put in all the hours of research and preparation that I do. I’ve already done all that work for you and have copied my notebook right here on the site for you. Every day, there’s either a new piece of advice shared with you on this website, Twitter and/or Facebook, player news updates, or our database is refreshed with player values, which populate our Trade Analyzer and other tools you can use to help mold your team.


Why are you here and why do I run this website? And why should you trust the advice and information you receive on this site? All good questions. You are here because there’s no such thing as being over-prepared. Even if you visit a dozen other fantasy football sites, make this one a regular part of your daily research to gather more insight and analysis. Knowledge and wisdom are power, so arm yourself with as much fantasy football info as you can to make the best decisions possible about your fantasy team. I do this website for the same reason today as I did more than a decade ago when I started it: I love fantasy football and enjoy talking about it with fellow fanatics.

Thanks for visiting! It’s my hope that you interact with me somehow, whether it be via email, Twitter, or Facebook. And I hope that you make this site a regular part of your fantasy football experience.

Good luck!