About FantasyOwner.com

First launched in 2006, FantasyOwner.com has been helping owners win their fantasy leagues for years.

My name is Ryan Glab, and long before I published this website to dispense my fantasy football knowledge and advice, I’ve been participating in fantasy football leagues. I’m a fantasy football veteran of more than a quarter-century, dating back to 1994. My inaugural team, led by the great Marcus Allen and Randall Cunningham — a.k.a. QB Eagles — led me to a Super Bowl runner-up finish, and I’ve been addicted to the game ever since.

I don’t have all the answers — and any fantasy analyst who claims he does is full of crap. But I have years of experience and valuable insight into what makes a fantasy football owner successful.

On this site, you’ll find rankings, tools, articles and other helpful resources to guide you in your fantasy journey. If you have any questions or need to get personalized advice for your team, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best of luck, my fellow fantasy owner!