2020 PPR Fantasy Football Trade Analyzer and Calculator

Need fantasy football trade advice? Is this trade fair? Should I make this trade? Rate your fantasy football trade with the fantasy football trade analyzer! The fantasy trade calculator is a comparison tool trade evaluator that uses rest of season rankings and projections to grade and rate trades.

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Fantasy Football Trade Suggestions

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Fantasy Football Trade Analyzers

Which is the best fantasy football trade analyzer? (besides FantasyOwner.com!)

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  5. Tools: Trade Analyzer | FantasyGuru
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Fantasy Football Trade Advice

Need trade advice? The following suggestions might help you as you enter negotiations.

  • Never make trades from a place of desperation.
  • Use any and all leverage you may possess to get the best offer possible.
  • Trade proposals are a work in progress that don’t have to be resolved in one sitting.
  • Send out feelers to your league owners on a weekly basis.
  • When making trades, treat your team like a business, not a personal pet.
  • Stay informed on player movement, injuries, and trends at all times.
  • Like the stock market, always buy low and sell high.
  • Keep a mask over your intentions at all times.
  • Engage in casual, non-aggressive communication when engaging in trade talk.
  • Always give an owner time to think (and even suggest to them that they do).
  • Walk away from a bad offer if need be.
  • Know when to keep your mouth shut to avoid talking yourself out of a deal.
  • On the flip side, stay quiet and force them to do more talking.
  • Use terms like "you’re getting warmer" to encourage the other owner to raise his offer.
  • Be honest and tell an owner if he’s not even in the ballpark with an offer.
  • Make the other owner feel like you’re engaged in conversations with other teams.
  • Use hypotheticals such as, "what if we took this player off the block and added that player instead?"
  • Always make sure the other owner feels you’re trying to make both teams better by the trade.
  • Build trust with a fellow owner by pointing out a deal he can make with a different owner.
  • Let the other owner know that you’re dealing from a position of want, not need.
  • Feign interest in keeping a player you don’t really want until the last possible moment. Then, offer him as a "concession."

Trade FAQ

How does the Trade Analyzer work?
To analyze your fantasy trade, enter at least one player for each team in the form and hit the submit button. Start typing a player’s name in a text field and you will be presented a drop-down menu of all the available matches. Click on the player’s name and he will be added to the form. You can add more teams and more players -- up until a certain limit -- if you are interested in completing a multi-team mega deal.

What exactly does the Trade Calculator compute?
The trade calculator will add up the combined trade values for each player and each team that you submit, sort the teams by best value, and spit out the winner.

How do you determine Trade Value?
Fantasy trade value is determined by a number of things. First, we take into account how players have scored up to the current point in the season. Second, we use projections for rest of season scoring. Third, we compare how a player is valued to other players at his position and adjust his trade value accordingly. For example, a good player at a deep position (like quarterbacks, for instance) will have less trade value than a good player at a shallow position. This is because, obviously, the latter is in higher demand due to smaller supply.

How can I use the Trade Analysis?
Unless you’ve already agreed to a trade with an owner in your league and are just here to grade your trade, the FantasyOwner.com trade analyzer is a good tool to help you do advanced scouting. Keep tweaking your trades and looking for the best possible trade value you can get in return. Propose trades to your opponents and see if they come back with a counter offer, then punch it into the analyzer and see if it works out to your advantage.

Do you have any general Trade Advice?
Yes! First and foremost, never make a trade in fantasy football out of desperation. When you make a trade with high emotions, you will typically end up on the wrong side of the deal. You need to calmly assess the trade landscape and find your best value. Secondly, I would encourage you to consistently send out feelers to the rest of your league and gauge the interest in various players on your roster. Just because you send those out, though, that doesn’t mean you have to make a deal. It just means you are doing your due diligence and gaining league-wide perspective on how much trade value your players actually have. Finally, just like in the stock market, you want to buy low and sell high. Find a good deal on a player whose arrow is pointing up and try to ditch players on your team who might have had abnormally high weeks and have tough schedules ahead. (See Trade Advice section for more)

When should I make a trade?
The correct answer to this question is that there is no correct time. Whether you are riding a five-game win streak with your league’s best roster, or you are the cellar dwellers of your league, the formulation for a good trade has little to do with an arbitrary time and more to do with how much value you’re getting in return. That’s why I insist on gauging the trade market every week of the season, so that when the right opportunity presents itself, you can pounce on it.