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Dynasty 101: How does dynasty fantasy football work?
So, you’ve decided to take the plunge into dynasty fantasy football, huh? Maybe you’ve been hearing a lot about it and want to know why it’s so popular. Or, maybe you’ve been playing redraft fantasy football for a while and want to take the next step. Whatever your reasons may be, perhaps you’re asking yourself: […]
Fantasy Football Trade Advice: How to Trade in Fantasy Football
There are several ways to build a winning fantasy football team. There’s the draft or auction, hitting the waiver wire, or signing free agents. But if you really want to build a successful fantasy football team, mastering the art of the deal is what separates the winners from the losers. The following is some helpful […]
Dynasty 101: How to build a dynasty fantasy football team
So, you’ve ventured into the marathon race that is dynasty fantasy football. Now what? Surely, you know by now — or will soon learn — that building a dynasty fantasy football team is different than constructing your typical redraft one. The big question then, which I will answer in this post, is how to build […]
How does a keeper (or dynasty) league work?
Have you ever wanted to participate in a fantasy football keeper league? Maybe you’re a seasoned fantasy football owner and you’ve been playing for years. Or maybe you’re a newbie, recently indoctrinated into the game. Either way, you might be asking yourself: how does a keeper or dynasty league work? (Related: 4 easy steps: How […]
What is a dynasty fantasy football league?
Maybe you’re a fantasy football newbie who hasn’t played the game very long. Or, perhaps you’ve played fantasy football for a while but have been stuck in the “redraft” bubble. Either way, you might be asking, “What is a dynasty fantasy football league?” Dynasty fantasy football has been around for a while but has grown […]
21 tips for starting a dynasty league (or keeper league)
Are you starting a dynasty or keeper league for fantasy football? Looking for some tips for a successful operation? Here are some suggestions for a smooth flight. Tip 1: Keep your keeper/dynasty league size to 10 or 12 teams When starting a dynasty league, the first draft is of the utmost importance. One bad draft […]
What is the best number of teams for fantasy football?
Fantasy football leagues come in all shapes and sizes. Some owners like to play in big leagues. Others prefer to play in small ones. But what is the best number of teams for fantasy football? I will make the case today for a variety of different numbers of fantasy teams. But in my opinion, 12 […]
Best fantasy football scoring system: head to head vs. points
There are multiple ways to determine a winner in your fantasy football league. But which is the best fantasy football scoring system? I tend to prefer total points rather than head to head. But in this post, I will make the case for both scoring systems. Then I’ll let you be the judge to determine […]
4 easy steps: How to start a dynasty fantasy football league
Do you enjoy fantasy football but are looking for a new challenge? Start a dynasty fantasy football league! Redraft leagues are fun and refreshing because they give you a clean slate each season. And you know what they say: hope springs eternal, and there’s always next year! But if you’re looking for a new challenge […]
Top waiver wire pickups: The fantasy football waiver wire explained
If you’ve ever played fantasy football, you know the quickest way to improve your team is to hit your league’s waiver wire. But how does the waiver wire work in fantasy football? This may surprise you: using the waiver wire is not so cut and dried. There’s a right way and a wrong way to […]
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